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Moniteur d'escalade Calanques, Sainte Victoire et provence, pour l'abordage des falaises et autres aventures verticales ! En méditerranée et au delà …


Nicolas Gay, rock climbing guide in Provence, Marseille, Aix, Verdon


Welcome on my website. I present you all I can propose as a rock climbing guide: from beginning to big adventures, it will be a pleasure for me to guide you on areas I have tamed. To guide you on beautiful routes of our region or more far away is for me a true passion.

Punta Rossa, Eperon Sud. On n'est pas bien là?

Punta Rossa, Eperon Sud

Reliable, serious and careful, I succeded the French formation of DEJEPS – “Milieux Naturel” at Montpellier, which needs two gym onsight F6c and F7a, and trad climb E4 or F6c/7a on big walls. This diploma is more thorough than old BE (brevet d’état), with a full programme on trad climbing and sport training.

I’m confident with climbing English speaking, and I spend a lot of time to climb with British adventurers. Furthermore, I traveled for climbing and I meet a lot of climbers. Spend good time with foreign is a pleasure and a good opportunity to progress, cause I can show you best technical climbing of each countries. More, it is a good way to appreciate other cultures. I know British climbing style (travels to Peak District, Cloggy, Gogarth), let’s enjoy French style! I’m sure to found the best way for you to discover sunny mountains or to progress on intimidating big walls…

You can also find on this website some topo guides about my favorites routes (only good ideas!), by region:

Départ de la longueur clé

Trad Climbing in Les Calanques

You can also find new routes I have opened (traditionnal climbing).

I also work a lot with groups. Beginning, improvement, team building or rock climbing adventure… I’m confident with all publics, and able to animate climbers who speak English. In addition, you can found here (sorry it’s has not been translated yet) all kind of activities I suggest (outdoor and indoor rock climbing, scrambling, via ferratas, via cordatas, crag portaledge nights and big walls bivies, team buildings…)

See you soon in a climbing gym or on a crag !

For any question, you can contact me !

Nicolas Gay, rock climbing guide, active in all Provence, Marseille, Calanques, Verdon, Sainte Victoire

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