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Moniteur d'escalade Calanques, Sainte Victoire et provence, pour l'abordage des falaises et autres aventures verticales ! En méditerranée et au delà …


Au sommet, dans la jungle

Jungle Vertigo – After opening a new route into the malaysian jungle, on a remote spire.

Born in 1988 at Le Chesnay, I discovered mountains thanks my family, during Chamonix holiday’s treks.

Quickly, I wanted to go upper, and I began to climb to train to mountaineering. After meeting some charismatic people, rock climbing began a passion for itself. I’ve been very lucky to discover some classic routes of Mount Blanc range, like south-east pillar of Petit Clocher du Portalet, Aiguille Dorées traverse, sport/trad routes in Envers des Aiguilles (Guy Anne, Marchand de sable…), Rebuffat and Contamine on Aiguille du Midi and Pointe Lachenal… Beautiful alpines routes to progress.

During my engineers studies, I began to explore south France crags and big walls, and some of Spain, Switzerland, England, Wales, Italia, Corsica and Morocco. During this time, I understood we can have the same pleasure to climb a hard route or if we just help someone to discover our passion. Idea of to be a rock climbing guide was born.

Thanks to studies, I moved to Gap, and I could enjoy best crags of Provence and around Marseille : Verdon, Ceuse, Calanques, Buoux, Sainte Victoire, Saint Léger, Annot…

After finished my engineers studies, it was time to start my project: to be a rock climbing guide, and to conciliate my passion and my work. I followed the training of DEJEPS Milieux Naturels, the French diploma, on the Montpellier CREPS. I finished in 2014, but it is not an end: I continue to train myself and to practice a lot, to be the best climbing instructor I can. With opening new routes, to propose you my experience is the finality of my old passion.

In 2016, I joined the group « Multipitches climbing » of the region PACA, coached by Arnaud Petit, to learn more about firsts ascents.

Hope to see you on rock!

Nicolas Gay, rock climbing guide.


Cap Morgiou

Cap Morgiou