vertical pirate

Moniteur d'escalade Calanques, Sainte Victoire et provence, pour l'abordage des falaises et autres aventures verticales ! En méditerranée et au delà …


Au sommet!!

A team at the top!

To practice climbing in group is a good alternative to begin and to progress. With friends or colleagues, group cohesion can help you to enjoy and to face the fear. We can alternate pleasant climbing with “discovery games”, which can allow discover climbing technical, like abseil. It’s a very good way to start climbing!

Group climbing is really adapted to team building, schools, and holidays. With a minimum of five climbers (to twelve), we can organize a day climbing (discovery or challenge day), a week end, a week or holidays.

For any question, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Nicolas Gay, rock climbing guide, active on Marseille, les Calanques, Sainte Victoire, Verdon, and all the Provence