vertical pirate

Moniteur d'escalade Calanques, Sainte Victoire et provence, pour l'abordage des falaises et autres aventures verticales ! En méditerranée et au delà …


Escalade à Chateauvert - Conditions batraciennes!

Hard rock climbing in Chateauvert

You practice climbing and you want to progress? Since a long time, you just climb the same grade and you want to try harder? Sport climbing, boulder, trad?

Just climbing isn’t always the solution to progress. Sometimes, you need a planned training to organize your climb, but making alone a program isn’t easy.

If you have a specific goal, and you don’t know how to reach it, contact me. We can plan together a climbing train, with appropriate powers, with specific steps, to help you to realize your dream.

Nicolas Gay, rock climbing guide, active in all Provence, Marseille, les Calanques, Verdon, Sainte Victoire


Escalade aux Salces - Herault

Bouldering – Herault